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At Living Wellness, we believe in treating the underlying issue of your pain, not just the symptom.  Our medical staff offers a synergy of treatment plans that focus on locating and providing relief to the source of your pain, corrective care to get your body back in a harmonious balance, and wellness care to keep you on the path to health and well-being.


Our highly skilled medical staff at Living Wellness Chiropractic of Columbia is trained in a plethora of advanced chiropractic techniques along with traditional chiropractic methods that when combined, follow an overall health and wellness philosophy to make you the healthiest you can be!


We focus on holistic and natural care to bring you back to whole health.  Our customized care plans are individualized to treat acute injuries and chronic pain, and we include your long-term health goals, creating a path to a healthier and happier you!


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Are you Ready for Symptom Relief?


This first phase of care will reduce the pain you live with day in and day out.  This phase may require the most visits, sometimes daily or two to three times per week.  We understand that it’s hard to focus on the bigger picture when it hurts to move your joints or your muscles scream when you try to do your favorite activities.  Our main goal in this phase is to reduce your pain.  At Living Wellness, this is only the first step.  We can reduce pain, but that doesn’t always fix the underlying issue.  Our care plan takes you further to heal the entire body, through corrective care and wellness care!

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Find Your Solution Through Corrective Care


Our medical staff is a team, working together to correct habits and movements that have been causing you pain and discomfort.  During the correction/restoration phase of your treatment, we aim to fix the problem, moving a step past from simply quieting the pain.  Our staff may use adjustments and exercises in your customized care plan that can change and mend the structure of your body to improve motion, restore balance, and provide gains in motion and function!


Do not be discouraged if you have minor flair ups during this phase of your treatment.  It’s normal, and your medical team will stay with you every step of the way.  Think of it this way, it can take a long time to finally say that the pain in your body needs outside help.  We treat our bodies like they’ll go forever, and years of mistreatment and abuse suddenly adds up to pain that affects our daily lives.  As it can take years to hurt our bodies, pain relief doesn’t happen overnight.  Be patient with yourself, keep up with your treatments, and our staff will do the rest!



Keep on the Healthy Path With Wellness Care!


Our wellness care is part of our treatment plan that aims to prevent further injuries, prevent relapses, and to improve the overall quality of your life. Research has shown that the more regular you make wellness care a part of your life, it can prevent degenerative changes from occurring.  There are many other benefits of taking your care plan to this step such as better sleep, better digestion, a healthier immune system, less headaches, less anxiety, and much  more!


Throughout these phases, we want to get you to a pain free life!  Regardless of where you are in your health, we will get you back to enjoying the activities you love once again.  Don’t wait another day to start on your path to healthy living!


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