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Right away I could feel my lower back gaining strength.   Now, two months later, I can say my entire back feels better.  My upper and mid back was very stiff and had lots of pain before I started here.  Now I can say much of the stiffness and pain has ceased.  My neck feels much better.  I think I can even see better. Thank you to the group at Living Wellness!   - Queen

Meet Dr. Harry Derr

A One-on-One Interview with Dr. Harry – Read why his depth-of-training and practice management mean
a differentiated quality care for all of his patients, now and for years to come…


What made you want to become a chiropractor?

When I was 8 years old I fell approximately ten feet from a tree that I had been playing in.  I landed flat on my back and was knocked unconscious for nearly a minute.  I awoke to find my friend standing over me.  He looked down and said, “Are you O.K.?”  I was a little shaken, but nodded my head and said, “Yeah.”  However I was in severe pain from coming into contact with mother earth.  The pain went away after a week, but would come back regularly over the next two years.

The problem worsened, and I was forced to wear a neck brace for nearly a year until an orthopedic surgeon informed my mother how bad my condition had become, the therapy and medications were not working and that I would need several surgeries to relieve my symptoms.  The doctor also told my mother that the future would not be bright for me, adding that I would need the assistance of a wheelchair within 3 years.  What happened next started the transformation of my life.

My mother told me she was taking me to the Chiropractor.  I was a little scared and nervous.  I had not been to a Chiropractor before.  I remember thinking, “Is it going to hurt and what’s he going to do to me?”  I received my first Chiropractic adjustment that day.  When Dr. Hoch told me we were finished, I started to fasten the brace upon my neck as I had done a thousand times during the past year.  However, he said, “Don’t wear that anymore, but save it so that you remember this day.”

Within hours my pain started to go away and a few months later I joined my elementary school’s wrestling team.  A few years later I played four years of college football at Lock Haven University, pretty good for a kid destined for neck surgery and imminently a wheel chair.


What is your education and training experience?

To pick up my story after college football, my participation in sports grew, and so did my interest in health, nutrition and athletic training.  To finish my undergraduate degree, I undertook an internship with Penn State University as a student strength coach working exclusively with their football program.  Nearing the end of my internship I realized that a career as a Strength and Conditioning Coach wasn’t my calling.  I reached out to the Chiropractor whom I had met more than a decade before and continued to visit a few times per year.  I discussed my interests and experiences with him and he recommended I attend Chiropractic school.  I enrolled in New York Chiropractic College in central New York State.  I graduated in 2004 with a desire to help as many people as possible live healthier and happier lives.

I practiced in Pennsylvania for five years before moving to Columbia MD to open Living Wellness Chiropractic of Columbia.  I have 12 years of practice experience to share with my patients.  I’ve focused my practice on Chiropractic Biophysics, a specialty within Chiropractic that only about three percent of Chiropractors use.  This specialty focuses not only on pain relief but actually correcting the spine by improving posture and correcting harmful postural changes.


What is your best asset as a doctor?

I’ve taken a lot of time and received lots of training to be a great chiropractor but what I feel is my greatest asset is taking time to listen to my patients and the staff that I manage who care for our patients every day.


What keeps you motivated as a chiropractor today?

My motivation as a chiropractor is seeing improvement in my patients and hearing and reading their success stories on a daily basis.  Currently I manage the practice full time and I treat one day per week so I do not interact with our patietns each day but I do take time to read every success story that comes to me.  We invite our patients to write a success story to share wins and or questions every 12 visits.  Reading a story about a patient that I remember could barely walk into the office now playing with his son for hours at the park or a patient that was unable to work and is now back to full speed, those stories are what keep me motivated.

This past spring I brought Dr. Rachel Weene into my practice to further allow me to serve my community.  She brings new insights as a recent graduate and we make a great team to provide the highest level of care to our patients every day.


What is your favorite patient story in the past year?

A man came to us with chronic lower back pain.  He was to the point where he told me he was giving up on live because the pain was taking away his ability to enjoy everything.  The pain was affecting his work and he was concerned he was going to lose his job and he was dealing with the pain by drinking alcohol each night.  After a few weeks of treatment he saw me in the office and gave me a big hug and told me how much better he was doing.  He looked like a different person, happier, standing taller, looking much more energetic and youthful.  He said he stopped taking medications and consuming alcohol to deal with his pain.  This is my favorite recent success story because of how much this man’s life was changed by his decision to accept our care and follow our treatment recommendations.


What do you see your practice being known for in your community in 5 years... 10 years?

In 5 years I see my practice being known as the place to go to create health.  By that point we will have added even more services to care for even more people that need to improve their health.  In 5 years our practice will be larger and serving more patients yet keeping our focus on the care of each patient as an individual that deserves our very best.

In 10 years we may have more locations to serve an even greater amount of people.  We will be providing care to the children and perhaps grandchildren of our current patients.  We will have long term patients that call on us for their healthcare needs.  Our core will still be focused on the care of each individual patient no matter how large our practice becomes. We expect that the care we give today will be so appreciated and trusted that generations to come will become core to our patient family.

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