Let the Chiropractic Wellness Team at Living Wellness of Columbia Get You Back to a Life Without Pain.

Living Wellness of Columbia is a fully equipped chiropractic and wellness office that is committed to your overall health and wellbeing!   We offer a synergy of services that are customized to treat your symptoms, meet your goals, and lead you towards the life you want to live.  Expect to feel good, get strong, and be a part of your journey towards health and wellness.  If you think you’ve tried it all and wonder if pain medication and possible surgery are the only options you have left, come see us at Living Wellness today!

We get results where nothing else has worked!

Our team at Living Wellness of Columbia is determined to find the source of your pain, and to treat it the natural way.  Our holistic approaches allow the body to heal itself. Too often, surgeries and pain medications treat the symptoms, not the cause, which leaves you on a cycle of pain and relief that never truly heals the underlying cause. We include you as the biggest part of your customized care plan, and our professionals stay with you every step of the way!  Don’t wait another day to begin living the life you want and the life you love.

Physical Therapy

Are you ready to heal your injury for good AND keep it from coming back?  Our physical therapy services are designed to get to the root of your issue and keep you strong and healthy once healed!  We focus on healing the whole patient using natural and non-invasive methods.  Our goal is to get you out of, or keep you out of, the path of continual use of pain medications and multiple surgeries.  We don’t believe that this train of through is usually the right answer.  Our highly trained staff can help you through spine and neck injuries, joint injuries, car accidents, stressed or tense muscles, migraines and tension headaches, and much more!  

Our physical therapy techniques combine physical medicine and rehabilitation to allow your body to learn how to fix itself and become an efficiently functioning machine once again!   At Living Wellness, our techniques involve treatment of the injury, strength and healing exercises around the injury, and an overall health and well-being plan to the surrounding areas.  This combined effort will avoid reinjury and prevent future injury.  We are determined to give you back all or most of your physical, sensory, and mental capabilities that were lost because of disease, illness, or injury.

Chronic Pain Relief

Many of our patients are sick and tired of traditional care that revolves around pain control by pain medications and surgery.  Say goodbye the standardized care.

We have certified specialists and cutting edge technology that team up to provide you with effective remedies for your pain.  At Living Wellness of Columbia, we combine years of experience to help patients like you.  If you think you’ve tried everything, think again!  You will receive a customized care plan that includes your medical history, your symptoms, and your goals for a healthy life.  We understand that every situation in front of us is unique, and there’s no “one size fits all” option.  Our team will use methods that are non-invasive and natural to heal your body without further consequences or expensive procedures.

Patients at Living Wellness of Columbia have experienced significant improvement and long-term relief from many chiropractic conditions.  Chronic pain can be exhausting both mentally and physically, and our team believes there is always an answer!  Many chronic pain issues revolve around weak or tense muscles and misalignment of the spine.  This sort of issue can radiate pain and injury all over the body, filling your days with discomfort and pain.  

If you have been suffering from chronic pain, and don’t know where to turn next, you’ve found the right place!  We specialize in finding the source of joint pain, neck, back pain, and muscular pain.  The team at Living Wellness is your BEST OPTION for treating chronic pain in the Columbia area.  We can’t wait to see you and get you on the path to pain free living!  Contact us today to begin your journey, one step at a time.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is the natural way to allow your body to heal itself.  When chosen, the chiropractic path helps our patients avoid additional complications, more pain, more medication, and more surgeries.  These are the options that traditional care offers, and if you’re reading this, you know it often doesn’t solve the underlying causes of your pain.  At Living Wellness, we are committed to getting to the root of your problem without exposing you to invasive and expensive procedures.

Our bodies are involved in a life that requires a ton of static behavior.  Sitting at a desk, lifting heavy equipment, and reading emails from our phones all put our body in positions that can cause injury over time.  Our bodies feel the toll of these injuries over time, and this repetitive behavior can cause more pain than you could imagine!  

Our staff uses chiropractic care, corrective care, and wellness care to first fix the problem and then keep you on the path of feeling great.  The customized care plan you will receive will help you determine the unhealthy habits that are causing you pain, so you can live the life you want, with the quality you want.

At Living Wellness, we use the most modern and researched techniques combined with the highest quality of care to make your pain free dreams come true!  No more cycles of pain medication, no more fear of surgery, and no more invasive procedures.  We guarantee natural solutions to improve your situation and quality of life!

Auto Injuries

Auto accidents can result in injuries that go unnoticed or undiagnosed for months or years.  What you may think is soreness could be an injury to a muscle system, joint, or your skeletal system.  

Whiplash injury can happen during even the smallest fender bender, and it  can occur even when the vehicle was moving as slow as 5mph.  It is an injury that can stay with you indefinitely.  Be on the look out for emerging back and neck pain.  Often, this pain doesn’t occur until a few days after the auto accident.  Adrenaline can cover up injuries, letting you walk away from the accident feeling fine.  Look for symptoms such as neck pain, headaches, vertigo, decreased range of motion, or tingling in your arms.  

We invite you to learn more about Living Wellness of Columbia and our innovative treatment options.  Start your journey to health and wellness today!

Come find out why we are quickly becoming the Columbia chiropractic clinic of choice!  Call us now to schedule an appointment 443-319-5770.

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Let Our Wellness Chiropractor Help You
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Let Our Wellness Chiropractor Help You
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